Outsourcing Lead Generation and Sales While You Focus on Business Growth

Focusing on business growth is difficult?

When you want to drive business growth, it is important to focus on just that and not get carried away by other business priorities that you might have to look into. One such business operation that takes a lot of time and effort of the business owners is lead generation and sales. While it is the fodder that fuels your business, it becomes a tedious task to carry out efficiently and with a 100% commitment. However, you cannot do everything efficiently because you are human, after all. That is when outsourcing the lead generation and sales tasks come into the picture.

But what exactly is lead generation?

If you had to explain it briefly, lead generation is the process of finding, contacting, nurturing and converting leads into actual potential buyers of your services and products. And if you have been in business for long enough, you would know that this process is quite complicated. This is why it is important to outsource lead generation and sales processes to a company that understands your business nuances and brings you efficiency at every step of the sales process.

What will we do for you at Narith?

When you outsource your lead generation and sales processes to us, we analyze your services along with the list of your existing clients, create a plan for future outreach, and research leads for you that would fit the profile. After this initial phase, we choose the medium or the channel for the same outreach, contact the leads and then help you land an appointment with a potential buyer or a client or a customer.

At Narith, we believe that we are an extension of your own in-house sales team because we strive to ensure that our goals are calibrated, the communication is transparent, and a dedicated team of sales experts is working towards achieving a common agenda to help your business grow.

Why outsourcing lead generation and sales is important for your business?

You would be surprised to know that lead generation and sales are crucial aspects of marketing strategy. A study shows that more than 80% of B2B marketers consider it important for their business to have a lead generation and sales team who dedicatedly works towards achieving their goals. However, the task is not simple, and the process can be challenging and time-consuming since there is no single formula that applies to everyone for generating leads and sales. As a result, and because of the demands and complexities involved in the process, most B2B companies who want to focus on their business growth choose to outsource their lead generation and sales processes.

When to outsource your lead generation and sales processes?

You may want to consider some factors before deciding to outsource your lead generation and sales processes. Some of the factors that come into play are:

  • Lack of resources to hire and train new staff and set up a newly built internal marketing team
  • The need to supplement internal marketing efforts and spread them across new channels
  • A dire need to focus on cold calling, email prospecting, etc.
  • To reduce the overall cost of Operations
  • Planning to launch a new product, service or a series of both/either
  • The neeThe need to pivot the businessd to pivot the business

What are the benefits of outsourcing lead generation and sales?

Primary focus on selling the product/services: When you outsource your lead generation and sales, the team/representatives spend their entire day focusing on selling your services. This is opposed to you handling the same thing while focusing on the growth of your business. The comparison is quite simple.

Increasing the capacity rapidly: By outsourcing your lead generation and sales, you get to have an entirely new channel of leads pouring into your sales team in a comparatively shorter amount of time. This is opposed to you building an internal team and doing the same.

Growing sales without growing the headcount: Outsourcing lead generation and sales directly benefit you in a way where you can grow your sales without having to grow the number of people working in-house for you.

Reduction of the total cost of operations: One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing lead generation and sales is the cost optimization that it comes with. Since you don’t have to have an in-house team working dedicatedly on the lead generation and sales process, you don’t have to manage them. The cost optimization includes if and any services and devices they use in-house and their monthly pay. And if even one of the team members falls short on delivering, the cost eventually is paid by you as a business owner.

Apart from the above state benefits, the other benefits that come with outsourcing lead generation and sales are testing new channels and lowering costs.

In a nutshell

If your business can’t devote a huge number of hours every week to lead generation and sales, it is considered to outsource that part of the work to an external team. So, instead of spending hefty money and time-consuming leads internally, you can choose to outsource your lead generation and sales process to Narith. We assure you of achieving your goals of generating qualified leads that your business needs to increase your sales revenue. We at Narith help you turn your complexities into solutions.

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