How To Boost Customer Loyalty In E-Commerce Business By Outsourcing Live Chat Support?

Customer loyalty is considered to be an integral element of the success of a business. Nowadays, it is observed that a significant part of the urban population engages in online shopping. Therefore, in the realm of eCommerce businesses, it is imperative not only to acquire the right customers but also to maintain their interest in your store. The online shopping trend presents customers with a wide range of options, and a single mistake may cause them to switch to the competition. Also, it is the customers who spread the word about the company and help build a strong customer base. Therefore, offering quality customer support is extremely crucial for e-commerce businesses. Shoppers can be offered a comfortable and convenient platform through live chat support where they can chat with a “shopping assistant” or customer support executive while being logged on to the e-commerce site/store. Through the use of live chat, one can assist eCommerce site visitors in real time. Customers can receive immediate answers and solutions to their raised queries at any time of day. This type of instant engagement has gained popularity, especially with younger generations who appreciate businesses that value their time.

Two types of customers look for live chat support. The first type includes those who are potential buyers and looking to get a clear idea about certain products or services, and the second type comprises customers who need to know about the return and refund processes, etc. 

Significance of Live Chat Support in eCommerce Businesses:

          • Live chat possesses the capacity to promptly resolve any concerns. Furthermore, it enables customers to engage in multiple tasks whilst anticipating a short wait period.
          • The utilization of Live Chat support enhances productivity, as it permits chat representatives to manage numerous chats concurrently, thus negating the necessity for the additional workforce and consequently resulting in financial savings. Today, many advanced Live chat software offer a variety of options for chat allocation and optimization. Also, the product return expenses can be saved by having a chat agent assist customers in selecting the optimal product or service that meets their needs. This ultimately leads to optimum customer satisfaction and a reduced need for returns.
          • A chat support executive not only facilitates a customer in making an informed decision regarding the purchase but also in numerous cases, triggers an immediate purchase. This eventually amplifies the sales for the enterprise.
          • Utilizing live chat support enables the fostering of enduring relationships with clientele, as it demonstrates the organization’s appreciation for their feedback. Research indicates that 63% of customers who have engaged in live chat are more inclined to return, as opposed to those who have not. Hence, live chat often turns out to be an invaluable tool for cultivating gratifying, long-lasting client-customer connections.

Live Chat Support Outsourcing:

As e-commerce businesses continue to grow and evolve, customer service becomes an increasingly important aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction. Outsourcing live chat support brings numerous benefits to e-commerce businesses, such as reduced operational costs, increased efficiency, and the ability to provide exceptional round-the-clock service. By choosing to outsource live chat support, companies can deliver a seamless and personalized shopping experience to their customers.

Key benefits of outsourcing live chat support for e-commerce businesses:

        • Improved Net Promoter Scores (NPS).
          The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric of customer satisfaction that evaluates the probability that a customer will advocate your product or service to others. By utilizing outsourced live chat customer service, one can rest assured that customers are receiving prompt responses to their inquiries and concerns, ultimately resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
        • Higher Conversion and retention rates.
          Live chat agents possess the ability to promptly address support inquiries through electronic mail or various social media platforms. This distinctive customer engagement approach fosters brand fortification, enables the recuperation of patrons who may have initially experienced unfavorable services, and showcases a brand’s deep-seated commitment to creating an exceptional customer experience. This leads to a considerable decrease in customer attrition rate, resulting in improved patronage and heightened word-of-mouth marketing that stems from an increased number of repeat customers.
        • Better customer feedback management.
          When an e-commerce business outsources customer support, it can expect efficient management of customer reviews across all social media platforms. A live chat customer service agent is capable of efficiently tracking customer replies, immediately resolving queries, and enhancing the brand’s value. This is crucial for all e-commerce setups to maintain a favorable online reputation.


In today’s competitive E-commerce landscape, businesses are constantly searching for ways to enhance customer loyalty and foster strong relationships with their clientele. One effective strategy to achieve this is by outsourcing live chat support, which can not only improve customer experience but also streamline the process for businesses. By integrating expert live chat agents into their digital platforms, E-commerce companies can ensure that customers consistently receive prompt, professional assistance. Ultimately, investing in outsourced live chat support can lead to higher customer retention rates and a thriving online business.

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