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Key Benefits

Save time, money, and resources

Save time, money, and resources

Instead of doing necessary but non-revenue business functions, you can free up so much of your time and resources to do more promotions and other ways for your business to grow and earn more.

Enlisting an outsourcing partner gives you time to meet and gain new clients or expanding your business in whatever way, instead of being inside the office all day doing the papers for accounting.

Build 24/7 customer service

Build 24/7 customer service

Taking care of the customers is one of the essential parts of a business, but you can’t do this round-the-clock. However, by having an outsourcing provider, you will have a team that can be in contact with your customers day and night.

Having a dedicated frontline for your travel agency and business to provide round-the-clock customer service gives you the capacity to cater to whatever your customer needs.

Hire seasonal employees

Hire seasonal employees

Travel bookings can be hectic and high in volume during peak seasons. The daily grind of the business becomes even more demanding during these times, but it makes no sense to employ additional employees who will only be as much effective during several months of a year.

Having an outsourcing partner whom you can employ for only a specific period of time can help cope up with the traffic and volume of customers and demands by providing your business with extra staffing during the season.

Effective marketing efforts

Effective marketing efforts

If you are not an expert on marketing strategies such as website content creation, web content writing, and other necessary marketing management, it can be daunting, and your efforts might not give you the results you are hoping for.

However, these things can easily be outsourced. Outsourcing companies have a roster of highly qualified employees and advanced programs to help with your marketing efforts. This way, you can also make sure that you get highly positive results for your business.

Focus on core business functions

Focus on core business functions

Daily business processes involve a lot of different redundant tasks that take up a lot of your time which you could be using in improving the core competencies of your business model.

Most of the business functions you have can easily be outsourced, lifting off having to do unnecessary tasks, such as answering queries and emails and managing reservations. You can easily have a virtual assistant to do these tasks for you.

Access to skilled resources

Access to skilled resources

Outsourcing companies have highly skilled and experienced employees from a wide range of industries. They can offer specialized services depending on the business’ needs.

They have a roster of workers they can connect to you, one of the best talents from all over the world. All you need is a detailed job description of what you want them to do, and they do the hard work for you.

Common Business

Inbound tour operators usually work for a specific destination, providing the travel products they offer from recommended tours and activities to clients. They can have a lot of destinations on their roster.

If you are not an expert in promotions or marketing such as maximizing your website to gain additional volume of customers, you can outsource this from service providers. You will have a team that can work on your marketing strategies and make your efforts more valuable.

Hotel concierges usually recommend or book reservations, tours, and activities to their guests. And with the meticulousness of guests demanding a lot of attention for the services, most often, the concierge service can get shorthanded especially during the peak season where reservations are high in volume.

To avoid getting shorthanded and make the whole reservation process more seamless, you can employ a virtual assistant that can do the external bookings and reservations and easily get everything done online.

Marketing and promotions of the local attractions, tours, and activities are one of the essential functions of regional promotion offices. With the rise of the influence of technology, travel bookings and reservations can now be done online.

To leverage this chance, there are a lot of marketing strategies you can do online and reach even more potential customers. But if you are not an expert in this area, these factors can easily be outsourced, and you can guarantee a positive impact from it.

Demand for tours, activities, and excursion reservations and bookings in various tourist attractions, museums, and theme parks can be high in volume especially during peak seasons.

Instead of employing a receptionist or additional employees to your internal team during the peak season, you can outsource a booking specialist or assistant that can work seasonally.

Independent travel agents spend a lot of their time personally or directly meeting and working with customers to create valuable travel packages. This leaves them lesser to no time to do other important business functions.

Having an outsourcing partner can provide you with a virtual assistant who can do other business tasks you don’t have time for, such as data entry and management or online customer support.

Online travel agencies are usually small and with only a handful or a single employee. These are usually startups or home-based, and one doesn’t usually have the capacity or resources to hire additional workers that can work on a daily basis.

Through outsourcing, you can hire experienced and skilled workers that can do your business finance and accounting as the need arises. You don’t need to hire a full-time accountant or a finance guy.

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