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Key Benefits

Effective marketing strategies

Effective marketing strategies

Website content creation, blog writing, and AdWords management takes up a lot of your time and can be easily outsourced.

If you are not an expert on these things, you will only produce mediocre results and might negatively impact your business.

Meeting deadlines and milestones

Meeting deadlines and milestones

Running a real estate company involves a lot of deadlines especially when it comes to closing deals with buyers or investors.

An outsourced team can handle regular office tasks and allows you to meet your clients’ needs at the soonest possible time.

Saves time, money and resources

Saves time, money and resources

Outsourcing allows you and your staff to do more prospecting and promoting, rather than doing non-revenue generating work.

Rather than creating your website’s content on your own, outsourcing lets you focus on meeting up with potential clients instead.

Access real estate specialists

Access real estate specialists

Hiring a real estate-specific outsourcing firm provides your company with access to well-trained and highly-skilled workers.

They have years of experience dealing with real estate businesses and have prepared the right systems and processes in place.

Top-notch customer service

Top-notch customer service

Real estate businesses know the importance of providing excellent customer service in order to convert sales.

Outsourcing provides you access to naturally courteous, friendly and caring people from the Philippines at a fraction of the cost.

Eliminate recurring admin task

Eliminate recurring admin task

Some real estate tasks are repetitive in nature and are best outsourced to experienced staff working in the Philippines.

Work such as checking emails, social media posting, scheduling appointments. These tasks can be outsourced to a single VA.

Common Business

Corporate real estate (CRE) is set to boom in the next few years and outsourcing will help them focus on closing more sales.

Outsourced teams do not have too much effect on the company’s financial bottom line but will still deliver high-quality output.

Real estate agents who work independently always feel like there is not enough time in a day to finish all the work.

Hiring a virtual assistant to do all these less profitable chores helps you focus more on your revenue generating activities.

Maintaining a tenant database, managing accounts, and physically maintaining multiple housing units is already too burdensome.

Outsourcing finance and accounting that also collect payables and receivables from tenants goes a long way to make things easier.

Canvassing and talking to suppliers can be outsourced while the company can concentrate on the actual construction itself.

Procurement is usually outsourced because it is treated as a job that requires no physical meeting with the supplier.

Outsourcing lets you focus on activities such as housekeeping, plumbing or electrical repairs and other building preservation jobs.

The outsourced team can also do lead generation activities such as calling out new properties or homes and offering your services.

Potential house owners are usually meticulous when choosing their future home and demand a lot of time and attention before buying.

With most back-office jobs already outsourced, you and your staff can focus more on meeting your clients’ needs and requirements.

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